About Us

Hi I am Rachel Bradley owner of The Corner Toy Shop, a store I’m passionate about because I am a great believer in children learning through play.

Over 30 years ago I trained as a primary teacher in Scotland.
Looking back I do believe I was privileged to have received some of the best training in the world.Our training was heavily based on the Montessori approach to education.  The emphasis  was on the child and the child learning through play.

Since then I have taught in many countries, such as the UK, West Africa and Australia.  I have taught children in kindergarten through to student teachers. 
In 2007 I opened Midland Tuition Centre to help, mainly children who were falling behind in school.  During this time I have seen schools move towards  more abstract work even with younger children.  This concerns me greatly as most young children up until the age of 11 are still very much in the ‘concrete operational stage of development’ according to Piaget.  In other words young children need concrete materials to aid their learning. This prompted me to start selling materials such as MAB blocks, number balances, language and mathematical games.
As the shop grew in popularity so did the stock.  Our range now includes a wide variety of top quality toys, all with an educational bias to suit all ages.
To satisfy demand and reach a wider audience we have launched our new website which we are extremely proud of.
Our aim is for this site to be interactive, not only selling toys but answering questions you may have about your child’s education, posting relevant articles and …… we’re open to suggestions.
So let’s get interactive right now.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Rachel and the team at The Corner Toy Shop.